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About Us

Harazrah Consulting Engineers Group has been established in 1981 with a number of professional engineers who had worked in an engineers group named “Atras” for 20 years. Ever since, Harazrah has been involved in studying,designing and constructing several thousand kilometers of roads and highways, railways, tunnels and Bridges, some taken place in a very hard-passing and remote areas.









HSEQ commitment

Harazrah is committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

At Harazrah, our employees are our most important resource. We strive to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible work atmosphere for our employees and visitors to our facilities. We ensure the health and safety of all employees so we can maintain this extraordinary level of commitment and continue to attract the best employees at every level of our organization.

The health and safety of our employees and of those who come into contact with our operations and products, along with the impact we may have upon the environment are our highest priorities. The long-term business success of Harazrah depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of our services and products while protecting people and the environment.

We believe that effective HSE management is good business and we are committed to the continuous improvement of its practices. While, emphasis is placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community goodwill.

We are committed to the integration of HSEQ objectives into our management systems at all levels. This will enhance our business success by reducing risk and adding value to our services.

The following principles and guidelines measure our corporate goals and objectives in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality:

  • Set Quality & HSE performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve processes, services and product quality, through the use of an effective management system;
  • Meet specified customer requirements and ensure continuous customer satisfaction;
  • Developing and implementing standards for Health, Safety and Environmental protection;
  • Assigning HSE responsibilities;
  • Ensuring appropriate HSE education and training for all employees;
  • Requiring that all employees and contractors utilize safe work practices;
  • Protecting the environment via minimizing our impact on the it through pollution prevention and reduction of natural resource consumption;
  • Minimizing the risk of occupational injury, illness and property damage through:
  • Investigating all incidents to determine corrective actions;
  • Implementing a comprehensive health and safety program;
  • Ensuring supervisors identify and control workplace hazards and communicate information about those hazards throughout the workplace.

Harazrah Consulting Engineers Groups’ sustainable development principles are at heart of conducting the day to day business with a constant attempt to further amplify sustainable methods in the organizational culture. Following the company’s core values and objectives in addition to international standards and procedures, Harazrah enhances the balance between health, safety, environment, human rights and profit to the company, clients and other business partners whilst offering added value solutions in cost and time effective manner.


Mentioned pattern is vastly vivid in company’s policies and procedures as a must priority. Balancing the revenues to social and environmental factors while, maintaining a strong presence at various challenging economic, cultural, environmental and social conditions is an uncompromised standard at Harazrah.


Sustainable development at heart of the organizational culture


Applying the following sustainable development approaches at the company’s headquarter building have made the constructive impacts further tangible. This has encouraged additional appreciation of such system in the organizational culture.


  • By decreasing the number of the buildings from five to one tax and the administrative costs have been reduced


  • Minimizing company’s transportation costs by decreasing commuting expenditures that is the outcome of limiting the company buildings to only one building



  • An integrated administrative system that has resulted in optimized performance and achievements for the company and its clients as well as other business counter parts



  • Paper consumption has been reduced greatly by adopting to more digital platforms for communication means, intending to eliminate paper utilization one day hopefully. For now Harazrah sends recyclable rubbishes specially paper based ones for reprocessing purposes


  • Organizing unemployed office supplies, computers and other equipment; replacing depreciated or old office supplies and furniture, printers, heating and cooling systems and computers with modern, ecological and energy efficient ones has leashed in sounder use of the assets and improved savings


  • Increasing control on expenditures by registering the purchase requests and defining new forms that explain expenditures in details, modifying the approval procedures, lowering printing costs through different schemes, recording expenses for vehicles and specifying the amount of kilometers per car in addition to regular maintenance of the cars that results in energy and cost efficiency in long term, more supervision over the sights; mission trips and their costs  have impacted company’s economy positively


  • By assessing the computers and replacing the old ones to better ones stocked at the company with no costs accrued has increased efficiency of Information Technology (IT) unit


Company, colleagues, clients and contractors’ interest


  • Human rights and values


  • Managing the work environment lay out consistent with employees comfort and work requirements without impairment to the productivity, despite the increase in the number of personnel from 110 to 210 at the headquarter after reducing the number of buildings from five to one.


  • Establishing a cleaner, healthier and more organized work environment resulting in a better ambiance for employees, by painting and cleaning the walls and floorings comprehensively with a further attention to tidiness of the place. In addition to creating the base for future potential expansion if it is demanded.


  • Collecting and organizing the devices, office supplies, binders and the extra documents that used to be all over the place from rooms to the corridors and etc. to optimize the space, lower the damages and accomplish a visual relief.


  • Building up on better archiving system by separating and organizing the documents which develops on maintenance, longer life expectancy and ease of access of the records.


  • Merging the office buildings to one building only has developed on closer communication between the staff in addition to integrally appreciating different positions at the firm with the same level of courtesy and value.


  • Ameliorating the human capital through retention of efficient employees with emphasize on developing their knowledge and skills.


  • Child labor


  • The cash generated through recycling paper and paper based materials is used on charities aiming at bettering lives of working children.


  • Administrative corruption


  • To decrease dishonest behavior and increase the productivity efficiently; Harazrah specifies individual’s responsibilities and commitments clearly in a well- defined frame of company expectations.


  • Appropriate managerial supervision and control to prevent and reduce the errors.



Health, safety, security, and environment


  • Minimizing Risk


  • Since two years ago to further appreciate the health, safety and environment concept, Harazrah has defined the HSE department that monitors the relative cases precisely


  • Bettering the wiring and electrical systems besides repairing the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of the headquarter building to improve the safety


  • Maximizing on buildings control and security by installing closed circuit television (CCTV) to improve on monitoring the in and out footage scrutinizingly.


  • Reducing Carbon Emissions


  • Utilizing smart and energy efficient lightning schemes
  • Managing appropriate communications between various units of the company for greener commuting to the meetings.
  • Using digital advanced technology to present the maps, documents meeting agendas and the reports with an attempt to reduce using papers.
  •  Providing directors and the major staff tablets to enhance intense integrated communications in addition to exceling the general performance.
  • Assessing and maintaining all the cars owned by Harazrah and removing inactive, useless or problematic cars from the sights vehicles from 70 to 50.



Currently in progress


  • Renovation of the kitchen and dining area besides improving the living space of the personnel.
  • Applying digital curation centre (DCC) system for archiving the technical data.
  • Amending the current archiving system in order to increase the volume of keeping documents.
  • Improving server structure and the central storage.
  • Replacing the old switches to the new ones to raise network’s security.
  • Consistent implementation of ISO in Harazrah’s automation system


Future plans


In constructing the new headquarter building to followings are considered:

  • Utilizing recyclable materials.
  • Applying energy efficient methods in constructing.
  • Operating with environmentally friendly and, where possible, national products.
  • Applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) method* (PUT THIS * DEFINITION PART AT THE FOOTER: Initially operating at company’s new headquarters’ building as the pilot project, in 2016 Harazrah Consulting Engineers Group aimed at applying the advanced technic; Building Information Modeling (BIM) based on world’s latest technology.

Through comprehensive visualization of the project with all the given details and data, this technic enhances the quality and precision in planning of the various stages of design and operation in a time and cost effective manner.)

  • Employing smart electricity system BMS to increase on energy efficiency
  • Defining green wall in buildings’ design which is not only beautiful but also helps in stylizing as well as purifying the air. * (GOES TO THE FOOTER ALSO: the green wall watering is planned to be through drip irrigation method for energy savings matter)
  • By implementing photovoltaic cells on company’s roof the power is produced by solar energy. Therefore, there will be about %50 decrease in electricity utilization that will reduce on carbon emissions indirectly.
  • To improve further on work place’s discipline and reduce on employees’ inside company trips, the design is made in a way that the space is aligned with the job’s requirements besides related departments and sections are located in the same floor or close to each other. This means more control through minimizing the movement of equipment, documents and etc. for each section as well.
  • Appropriate use of partitions to create optimum office space by removing extra walls that betters the communication and the conditions for employees.


  • To create spacious spaces the desks are facing the walls and wall libraries are used instead of standing ones further to adopting the interior design with requirements to each department.